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"Let's not highlight separation" - Interview at Kossuth Radio

During our September tour in Budapest, one of the oldest and most prestigious radio stations of Hungary invited me for an interview about our cultural work, connecting Hungary and Portugal.

The reporter, Klára Vajda asked me several questions in her show "Trend-Idők": like how I "ended up" in Portugal or how we started FadHúngaro. It was my second radio interview - and for now I can definitely say I enjoy doing those for sure. If you want to listen to my first interview (and song premier), click here. Get your Hungarian dictionary though, cause you will need it. :-)

Photo credit: the talented Erik Bos -

In this report, Kossuth Radio included a small cut from one of my records - showcasing how I use Hungarian folk songs in fusion with Portuguese fado. You can see that song live HERE.

Although the interview is in Hungarian, I translated a small part of what I'm saying:

- And how did Hungarian music got into fusion with the Portuguese?

- The important thing would be to stop highlighting "separation". This project is a cultural bridge. These two cultures are close to each other in many things. And the Portuguese are very proud to their fado, saying that it's very unique - and that's true. I always tell this at my concerts: fado is Portuguese - but the pain is universal. And in the Hungarian folk song you find the same pain, which is the connection.

You can listen to the full interview here, I speak from 15:18:


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