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This morning was quite special. First of all, I woke up at an hour when (most of my friends know very well that) I usually sleep: 05:30AM. A taxi came for me for 06:15 and at 06:45 I was already sitting in make-up and hair - at the backstage of the Morning Show of the biggest Hungarian commercial channel: RTL KLUB.

My partner on the screen was Zoltán V. Horvath - who is the organiser of the rightly famous FOOD TRUCK SHOWS. Tomorrow FadHúngaro will perform on their festival at the cultic horse racing track of Budapest: "Kincsem Park".

It was incredible to see SE SOUBESSE on TV - and the song was playing all along the 7-min interview. I couldn't stop smiling, as y'all can very well see on the link above.

It is only by the grace of God and thanks to the talent of amazing people like Erik Victor Bos (director, video-maker @, Angelo Torres (producer), Luís Guimarães (guitar), Hélder Machado (Portuguese guitar)... that FadHúngaro is alive and broadcasted on television today.

So grateful!


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