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FadHúngaro and the Michelin star

It was a truly magical evening in the essence of Portuguese culture - on the 8th of March, 2023, in Budapest's only Portuguese restaurant, the Michelin-starred ESSÊNCIA. The audience enjoyed a concert experience with a 4-course menu, inspired by the melodies of fado - created only for this day.

ESSÊNCIA's work is very similar to ours. Fadhúngaro highlights the literary and musical richness of fado and merges it with the depth and rhythmic heritage of Hungarian music. ESSÊNCIA is a marriage of Hungarian and Portuguese flavours, which hasn't only gained the love of the locals, but the prestigious Michelin star and international recognition as well.

But this was not the first time we performed at this exceptional place: in 2022 we already got invited to hold a special concert on Women's Day.

As said at the restaurant's website:

"Memories from Lisbon - the ambiance of cobblestone streets and late-night dinners, music full of emotions performed by the wonderful FadHúngaro. After last year's great success, an unrepeatable and special evening at Essência once again."


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