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First EP of "FadHúngaro" - Nov 8th

It's been 1,5 years since we started to perform with our cross-border project: FadHúngaro.

After I'd moved to Portugal in 2017 I started to realize that a kind of cultural bridge between Hungary and Portugal lives in me. Bringing my heritage, the Hungarian folk songs to the famous fado houses of Lisbon made me realize: people resonate with their deepest emotions through both genre - regardless of the language.

As I've been saying ever since: fado is Portuguese, but the pain in universal.

This is how our blended project was born: with a Hungarian singer and Portuguese musicians, playing a merge between Central-Eastern European folklore and Portuguese solitude.

Since then we had more than 20 performances in 3 countries, so in 2023 it was timely to record an EP, to showcase what we do at our live concerts.

This EP is being published on the 8th of November, 18h UTC.

Album title: FadHúngaro

Producer: Manuel Lourenço Fado guitar: Luís Guimarães Portuguese guitar: Pedro Dias Double bass: Vasco Sousa Trumpet: Ricardo Pinto Voice: Diana Petkovics


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