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Introducing my first original song: “Se Soubesse”

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

It's been a process to arrive here: from age 9, when I stood on stage for the first time, playing "Princess" in a local play titled "The Dancing Sheep". There have been hundreds of performances of different kinds: drama, musical, rock-opera, dancing.

The kickoff of a professional music career happened naturally with me: I simply was handed a mic too often at the local piano bar - till one day I said, why not to organise a solo concert. 2016.

It was a full house, lovely concert with Hungary's Nr.1. latin jazz pianist: Richard Revesz. I was - of course - singing covers. In 12 languages.

Fast forward five years: I live in Portugal now and embody the only Hungarian fado singer.

Nomen est omen: my first own musical project, FadHúngaro - and therefore my first single - is a fusion between Portuguese fado and Hungarian folk music.

We recorded 'Se Soubesse' in a Lisbon-based, completely garage-style studio - then re-recorded parts of it in Budapest.

In the songwriter field you will find Luís's name next to mine, as he added PT flavours to the HU folk melody I brought.

In FadHúngaro, we have been mixing Hungarian and Portuguese culture bits.

Hopefully you will all be enticed by the first baby of that merge.


Se Soubesse

Lyrics: Diana Petkovics

Music: Diana Petkovics, Luís Guimarães

Music Producer: Darren Oosthuizen (SA), Zsolt Gyulai (HU)

PREMIER on YouTube and all major streaming platforms:

1st of September


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