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We are thrilled to release our first single on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer .. and another 150+ streaming platforms soon - but until the curators verify 'Se Soubesse', we are proud to premier the music video of it!

We shot the video at the wondrous south side of Lisbon - between high cliffs and pine trees - before we went into the urban jungle of Alfama: where fado is very much alive until today.

The talented director, Erik Victor Bos ( had a full concept in mind and didn't stop till the sun went down and we had nothing better to do but to finish the day with an amazing dinner in one of the alleys of Alfama.

- -

In the video you can follow Diana and her two guitarists - confessing about a love story and the aftermaths of it. Listen to them on a scenic stage overlooking the ocean, then follow them to the narrow alleyways of Lisbon.

Watch the premier here:


Song: Se Soubesse

Lyrics: Hungarian folk song adaptation by Diana Petkovics,

Music: Diana Petkovics and Luís Guimarães

Musical production: Diana Petkovics, Darren Oosthuizen

Studio work, master and edit: Darren Oosthuizen, Zsolt Gyulai

Music video concept and direction: Erik Victor Bos

Production: Diana Petkovics, Angelo Torres

Production assistant: Petra Illényi

Make-up: Iryna Schreiber


Project: FadHúngaro

Voice: Diana Petkovics

Guitars: Luís Guimarães and Hélder Machado


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